Far Reaching Rewards Of Acting And Singing Classes

Far-Reaching Rewards of Acting and Singing Classes


Lloyd Arthur

After 20 years since her first invitation, the renowned glamorous German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter finally made her Australian debut, performing a Beethoven’s Violin Concerto with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at Sydney Opera House last March. Her performance of the Beethoven concerto, she described, is ‘a very philosophical piece… a dialogue between the orchestra and the solo violin.’


Fresh from the success of Duets II, his highly rated album that topped the U.S. charts in September, the legendary 85-year-old singer Tony Bennett recently visited Australia as part of his latest series of concert tours. In 2001, Bennet, together with his third wife, founded the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Queens, New York. This high school specialises in the performing arts; and from that one school came 14 more. He is proud of their public schools of performing arts because he believes ‘art is all about truth and beauty… Art civilises the world. The more art there is in a country, the more hopeful the country becomes.’ ACA: School of Performing Arts In Australia, we don’t only appreciate music and the performing arts, we also love to perform; that’s why the heart of dramatic art, Actors Centre Australia (ACA), continues to celebrate and share the power of performing arts through their full-time, part-time and short courses. They believe that everyone has rich natural talents and untapped potential, and the school is determined to release and reveal them with the help of award-winning coaches and master teachers highly acclaimed in their own field. They have been shaping talented performers for 25 years and continue to do so by inviting internationally renowned directors and passionate actors to teach in the various courses they offer.ACA Offers Singing Classes Aside from acting, they also encourage talented individuals who are passionate in singing to enrol in their singing classes. Just like everyone else who love to sing, ACA understands that singing is one of the greatest joys in life. And what’s even better, singing does not only allow listeners to enjoy, it also benefits the singers – because singing is much more than just mere expressions of thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Benefits of Singing Singing does not only bring joy and satisfaction to the performer; it also brings other benefits you may not have known yet. Whether you want to perform on stage or just enjoy singing, you’ll be happy to know that there are numerous and long-term advantages when you take singing classes. – Better means of expression and emotional release – Better self confidence when speaking or singing in public – Reduced vocal tension and voice fatigue – Improved tonal quality and strength of singing and speaking voice – Better breathing and posture – Improved interpersonal or social relations – Great brain and memory stimulator – Improved effects on cognitive skills and behaviour Singing – or learning to sing – doesn’t have an age limit. Everybody can. If you wholeheartedly want to, then you can sing. Encourage your friends and loved ones – especially your little ones – to sing and perform. It’s so much fun and fulfilling. Actors Centre Australia As a world-class school for acting, ACA offers excellent acting courses and singing classes

that produce amazing artists. Providing full-time and part-time classes for acting and presentation training with the best

acting studio

, they are the leading performing arts school in Sydney.

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