Fire Safety For Commercial Kitchen: 8 Recommendations

The fire that is the major component of any kitchen, whether domestic or commercial, needs to be appropriately controlled. If you are not careful about the Fire, you might end up burning the kitchen. But have to prevent fire-related accidents in the commercial kitchen?

There are a few ways that can prevent fire in the kitchen. Most importantly you being alert is highly recommended. When you are careful and alert, it can save you from a lot of hazards.

Cleaning of the grease

In a commercial kitchen, it is widespread that the oil and grease might accumulate very quickly. And when the cooking is done in massive quantities, the dirt accumulation is also huge. Keeping in mind that grease is flammable, you have to be careful about cleaning it properly. When there is a build-up of grease, it minds being the fuel for the fire and can lead to accidents. Therefore cleaning the kitchen tops and the grease build-up needs to be your priority. Contact the best Fire Safety Company in Canada if required.

Properly maintained cooking equipment.

Another most critical factor in preventing fire is to maintain the cooking equipment. Most of the fire-related accidents in the commercial kitchen happened because of inappropriate cooking equipment and improper uses. Make sure you are taking care of the shutting down of electricity and gas when you step out of the kitchen. Also, the electric appliances need to be adequately maintained, so it does not lead to any hazards. The gas also needs to be adequately controlled, and you should check if there is any leakage. In case of leakage, you might end up with more significant trouble.


Is your sprinkler system working or not?

One other aspect to check in the commercial kitchen is to see if the sprinkler system is working correctly or not. It might help during the accident. The activated sprinkler system in the sealing can help you a lot in any more significant hazard. Therefore you must make sure that you are checking the sprinkler system and learning whether or not it is working correctly.

Backup fire extinguishers

For the commercial kitchen, it is essential to have backup fire extinguishers. If you do not have enough supply of Fire extinguishers, you must get them. The fire extinguisher can stop the fire at a starting point, and you will not have to wait for the FireFighters to help you with the fire-related accident. These fire extinguishers also need to be adequately examined, and you will have to inspect them regularly so that in case of any incident, you end up with nothing but a more significant accident.

Proper training to the Employees

Whether it is a Chef or a janitor, you must make sure you are giving enough information and training to the employees that are working in the commercial kitchen. If they have proper training, it will be a lot easier to handle a situation like that. They will be careful about cleaning the dirt buildup and grease build-up. They will also be keeping an eye on the leakage of the gas or any other issues so that proper staff training is highly recommended and almost compulsory for anyone working in the commercial kitchen.

Keep the flammable equipment away from the Fire.

It is always a better option to keep the oil and other flame-broiled equipment away from the fire And Flames. In the area where you have your stove and oven, make sure you keep the oil and other flame-able equipment that can be easy to catch fire away from. It is one safety practice that is followed in most commercial kitchens. Your significant and initial objective is to keep your kitchen safe and clean. If your kitchen is not safe and untidy, there are greater chances of accidents related to fire. So just make sure you are careful about the cleaning of the kitchen and the equipment placement.

Ventilation system cleaning

If the ventilation system of your commercial system is unclean and not degreased for a very long time, it might be a significant cause of the accident. When there is almost no ventilation, the gas leakage can be a more significant trouble. Therefore you must clean the ventilation system properly. If not regularly, you must make sure to clean it every once a month. It will ensure better cleaning practice and the better safety of the commercial kitchen. The ventilation system proper working is also essential. Just make sure that the methylation system is working correctly.

Not to use cigarettes indoors.

If you have anyone on the team, who smokes you need to make sure that he is not disposing of cigarettes inside the commercial kitchen. Even the use of cigarettes inside a commercial kitchen is hazardous. The cigarette and any other option in the same category should be used outside the kitchen so that the kitchen is not on Fire because of the cigarette. It is always better to have a staff meeting and tell them regarding the rules of the commercial kitchen. You must also tell them how important it is and its aspect for their safety.

Besides these eight recommendations, you must also have an Escape Plan. In case your kitchen is on fire, there needs to be an emergency exit to rescue the people and make a difference. People inside the commercial kitchen are working under pressure, but in case of any major fire incident, there has to be an escape or emergency exit so that the people can be saved. One must also ensure that a formal staff meeting and training are done with the employees to tell them where the escape exit is to use it if needed. The fire alarms need to be installed along with the Fire extinguishers. Visit Lake View Resort in Udupi for your Weekend Getaway.

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