Three Things Plastic Surgeons Have To Know Before Performing Arm Lift Surgery

Three Things Plastic Surgeons Have To Know Before Performing Arm Lift Surgery


Ryan Andrews

Before arm lift surgery is performed on you, you can expect to be asked by your plastic surgeon three types of questions. The surgery in question is also referred to as brachioplasty, and we will often be making reference to it through the use of that that scientific name in this discussion. There are a number of reasons why these questions are going to be asked by the plastic surgeon. One reason for asking these questions is their desire to find out if you, as the patient, have realistic expectations. Secondly, the surgeon is likely to ask these three types of question with the aim of figuring out whether it is safe to carry out the surgery on you. Ultimately, the plastic surgeons would ask these questions for the simple reason that they want to be confident in their decision to operate and also to make sure that you are a good candidate for a brachioplasty.

Now, the first type of questions that your plastic surgeon is likely to ask before carrying out arm lift surgery on you is that of questions touching on your \’general expectations\’. We have already established that it is important for surgeons to know that their patients have realistic expectations so this question could not be ignored. If it turns out that the expectations of the patient are unrealistic, there are several options available to him. Counseling is one option. The surgeon could refuse performing the surgery until he has been assured that the patient has an improved mindset due to counseling. The second option is that of simply declining to carry out the surgery. It is possible that the surgeon would not be interested in performing surgery on a perfectionist for fear that anything he may do would never satisfy you in the end. You may feel as though you\’ve been cheated and the surgeon does not want to be responsible for that.


The next question of plastic surgeons would have something to do about the health of the patient who wants to undergo brachioplasty. The surgeon will be asking these questions in order to find out whether it is really safe to subject you to a brachioplasty or not. If you have certain medical conditions which make surgery very risky for you, it will make a lot of sense for the surgeon to deny you the brachioplasty (because, in any event, it is not an absolutely essential procedure).

The plastic surgeon would also ask about the other types of surgeries that the patient has been subjected to prior to the planned brachioplasty. This will greatly affect the decision of the plastic surgeon on whether to push through with the brachioplasty or not. The surgeon would also be able to decide how to best perform brachioplasty on you if he has deemed it safe for you to undergo the surgery. If it turns out that you have allergic reactions to certain types of anesthetics, the surgeon would know which types to steer clear of once the brachioplasty is being performed on you.

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